Real Estate Loan Software

Unlike most real estate software, LoanPro is modern and agile. Our cloud-based software gives you features to make servicing your real estate loans easier.

Feature Description
Escrow Analysis Easily perform escrow analysis and print escrow disclosures.
Automated Mailing Service* Set the software to automatically generate and mail out documents and forms.
Up To 25 Escrow Accounts Create up to 25 Escrow accounts, with separate balances and transactions per loan.
Customizable Document Templates Create document templates with variables to make your printing easier.
AutoPay Features Schedule automatic payments on a variety of frequencies with multiple payment methods.
Automated Email and Text Schedule automatic email or text notifications that are sent based on loan events.
Customizable Workflows Automate loan servicing tasks using LoanPro rules.
Collateral Tracking Track loan collateral, including documents, to keep your loan info organized.
Investor Tracking* Track investors based on company, portfolio, or individual loan. Track payouts, and give investors access through our online portal.