About Us

LoanPro is an elite, loan-servicing-software package offered by Simnang, LLC. Simnang was started in an attempt to create the most robust loan servicing software on the market. LoanPro's current offering is an assembly of the features that users of Simnang's other products and Simnang affiliated loan servicers have requested over the last 5 years.

The LoanPro software application was built from the beginning with the customer in mind. We have attempted to forge a tool that will be so user-friendly that employees of both small and large lending companies will be able to intuitively understand it’s features.

Throughout our history, we have been dedicated to leveraging the most up-to-date technology available. LoanPro is a cloud-based application and was built as an API (application programming interface) from the ground up. With LoanPro, it is easier than ever to integrate our loan servicing platform with your existing applications.

Our Approach

Talent and Creativity

Our management team is comprised of individuals with varied administrative and business experience. All of our managers have backgrounds in lending and entrepreneurship. We feel that personnel fluent in the language of business, with lending, accounting, and other relevant experience is essential to providing the most complete loan servicing software solution on the market.

Our IT managers have selected the best available talent both domestically and internationally in order to create a cohesive and effective development team. Many of our partner companies have given our technical staff high praise as we've worked with them on product integrations and software improvements.

Design and Code

The LoanPro application is hosted in several locations around the world on the Amazon Cloud. Amazon's cloud solution is currently the premier cloud service available. Our platform was built from the beginning with integration in mind. We offer a full API (application programming interface) that allows users to exchange data in lightweight, easy-to-read JSON objects.

With this solid foundation, we have been able to more effectively integrate with products and services that will help our clients easily manage their loans, like: SMS Text messaging, automated phone calls, VIN decoding, credit card and eCheck payment solutions, and online signature technologies, to name a few.

Support and Consulting

At LoanPro, we believe our support team should be able to do more than just answer the phone. It is imperative that support representatives understand customer questions and know the answers. That's why we partnered with SOS Consulting to handle all LoanPro support. all members of the SOS Consulting team have experience in the lending industry. Our SOS Consulting specialists will not only be able to answer your questions about our software, they will also understand why you're asking the questions in the first place.

What do we do?

Cloud-Based Application

LoanPro Software is a full application that is entirely cloud-based and backed up across multiple continents.

Live Calculations

LoanPro uses an advanced loan calculator that gives accurate numbers day by day for loan balance, amount past due, payoff, and more.


LoanPro will let you choose what events will trigger communication with your borrowers, so you won't waste time with regular notifications.

Automatic Payments

LoanPro lets you automatically collect money from borrowers when payments come due, or on a custom schedule that you set yourself.


LoanPro provides notifications when important things happen within your company account, and lets you set your own reminder notifications.


LoanPro provides basic to advanced reports, including things like past due, static pool, payment history, revenue forecast and much more.